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CV. Talang Mas
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Name:Mr. Ari Sutedjo [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Mobile Number:6281325786386
Phone Number:6281325786386
Address:Jl. Bougenvile Raya No. 18
Jepara 50249, Jawa Tengah
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Registration Date:Jan. 25, 2005
Last Updated:Nov. 04, 2007
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Furniture & Furnishings category

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CV. Talang Mas are manufacture and exporter Indoor and Outdoor Furniture from Jepara - Central Java - Indonesia. Our product made by professional craftsman, they are spread along on Jepara as thousand home industries. Skilled craftsman utilize time-honored construction methods, using only the highest quality materials taken from plantation forest. Ensuring exceptional standards of work to producing the highest export quality furniture. The best of all we are selling our product with competitive and reasonable prices.

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